Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Rewarding Experiences of Community Service

A community can progress only if it involves the participation of each individual. Community service is when individuals offer their time to any aspect of community building for free. Community service is primarily done voluntarily, but some educational institutions and public departments make community service mandatory.

Courage Igene - Community Service

Courage Igene is an active volunteer and contributor to his community. He believes strongly in the values of community service and helping others. For Courage Igene, community service is a rewarding experience for everyone involved and truly makes the world a better place.

Why is it so important? For a number of reasons; the first of them being development of social skills. Interacting with people belonging to different social classes, ethnic groups and age groups will make the volunteer more confident. Community service with social service ministries inculcates the skills of communication, leadership and working with a team to solve social problems.

Working with ministries also makes young people more aware of the predominant social issues in a community. Working hands on with community leaders and exploring solutions encourages the workers to think outside the box, paving way for creative strategies in their career development. Community service also serves as a plus on resume’, and multinational firms prefer students who have done more than the required hours of community service. In the healthcare sector especially, candidates with community service in hospitals, disaster-struck areas and rural areas is a major plus in recruitment.

Community service within ministries involves giving social support victims of violence, orphans and accidents. Community service is also mandatory for prisoners doing jail-time, as it gives them a sense of responsibility towards their environment. Community service for a church or religious monastery involves awareness programs, collecting funds and organizing community events such as special masses and participating in the church choir.

There are also benefits to the community for community service. Through community service, important tasks are dealt with without having to allot finance to them. Awareness programs regarding health issues, raising money for charity organisations, providing food to the deserving people, working in soup kitchens and providing hands on help in disaster-affected areas such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Community service gives volunteers valuable experience on all aspects of community building, and helps them become future leaders.
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