Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Courage Igene on Passion, Faith, and Success

Courage Igene understands that life isn’t easy, especially as we get older and obtain more and more responsibilities. We are often being pulled in several different directions at the same time to care for friends, family, faith, ourselves, our careers, paying the bills, and beyond.

Throughout his life, Courage Igene has always been a big believer in the phrase of “working to live, not living to work”. Our time on earth is a mere blip in the vast history of the world, until we are with God in the afterlife. Because of this, Courage Igene encourages others to pursue a good and successful life, trying to become the best version of ourselves.
Courage Igene Passion and Faith

As an active community member and church leader, Courage Igene was inspired to write about how passion and faith can lead you towards success in other areas of your life.

The term success is very subjective; it can mean many different things, especially when it comes to the individual. Taking some time out, whether that is taking a walk to think, or visiting your place of worship to speak with your God, is important. Understanding what drives you as a person, is it: giving back, spending more time with your family or starting a new project? Knowing ourselves is fundamental to accessing our passion. Where is it you find yourself pulled? What is your hobby, what makes you happy or where do you seek fulfillment?

These are some of the questions Courage Igene recommends you sit down and ask yourself and really reflect upon. Find what you are really passionate about and what really drives you to want to succeed. The point Courage Igene is trying to help you find is to understand what drives you and what will make you excited to get up and do this thing today, tomorrow, and the next day. Find something you want to improve upon.

Finding that one special "thing" isn't always easy, but Courage Igene believes that some of the most worthy things in life are earned through hard work, focus, and dedication.

Finding your passion is really half the battle, maybe even less, as retaining your drive is the hard part. Especially in the early stages of a new endeavor, Courage Igene has found throughout his community work that it can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful.

Faith has really benefitted Courage Igene during this life long process. It has allowed him to relax and remain focused, reigniting his passion when it happens to run low or gets lost in the moment.