Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Rewarding Experiences of Community Service

A community can progress only if it involves the participation of each individual. Community service is when individuals offer their time to any aspect of community building for free. Community service is primarily done voluntarily, but some educational institutions and public departments make community service mandatory.

Courage Igene - Community Service

Courage Igene is an active volunteer and contributor to his community. He believes strongly in the values of community service and helping others. For Courage Igene, community service is a rewarding experience for everyone involved and truly makes the world a better place.

Why is it so important? For a number of reasons; the first of them being development of social skills. Interacting with people belonging to different social classes, ethnic groups and age groups will make the volunteer more confident. Community service with social service ministries inculcates the skills of communication, leadership and working with a team to solve social problems.

Working with ministries also makes young people more aware of the predominant social issues in a community. Working hands on with community leaders and exploring solutions encourages the workers to think outside the box, paving way for creative strategies in their career development. Community service also serves as a plus on resume’, and multinational firms prefer students who have done more than the required hours of community service. In the healthcare sector especially, candidates with community service in hospitals, disaster-struck areas and rural areas is a major plus in recruitment.

Community service within ministries involves giving social support victims of violence, orphans and accidents. Community service is also mandatory for prisoners doing jail-time, as it gives them a sense of responsibility towards their environment. Community service for a church or religious monastery involves awareness programs, collecting funds and organizing community events such as special masses and participating in the church choir.

There are also benefits to the community for community service. Through community service, important tasks are dealt with without having to allot finance to them. Awareness programs regarding health issues, raising money for charity organisations, providing food to the deserving people, working in soup kitchens and providing hands on help in disaster-affected areas such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Community service gives volunteers valuable experience on all aspects of community building, and helps them become future leaders.
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Monday, February 8, 2016

Touch And Agree

Pastor Courage Igene
Courage Igene is a father, son, teacher, public speaker, actor, producer, author, and worshiper. He spreads his joy to others through his teachings, books, and special events.
Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 18:19
The most beautiful sight to behold is two people who are on the same page and work together in love and harmony. The word of God teaches us today that we must unite with other believers in Christ to not only grow, but also to unlock the blessings and favor of God upon our lives. There are steps that must be taken in order to see the promises made in this scripture come to pass:
The first step is that your desires must be on display and your actions must derive from that desire. You cannot touch and agree with someone if they don’t even know what path of life you have chosen to travel. To get on the same page, you must let the person know the book and chapter that you are on. There are so many of us that go to others and ask for prayer; however, we don’t disclose the things we are dealing with, and therefore find ourselves having someone touching and not agreeing. In order to be filled by Christ you must be opened up to him. This is the same thing that applies to the physical church and why it is of the utmost importance that we practice fellowship with others. Some of the experiences that you have endured through life will not only be a testimony, but can also be a teaching moment for others. You can share your experiences (no matter how embarrassing they may be) and possible save a soul who either is where you were or is about to travel the same path. This is how we touch and agree. We get on one accord, we share our experiences and we look to God for the answers and directive that we need to journey through this life. The more people pushing and pressing toward the same goal, the less pressure you feel or energy you have to exert when you are doing it on your own. Growing up I was always told that there is power in numbers. I was also told when searching for something that two sets of eyes are better than one. In today’s focus verse, we are reminded of this same principle. As a child of God, studying the word of God carries a high importance; however, it is just as important is that we surround ourselves with believers in Christ as well. The Bible says that God is love; when we come together as a united body, love pours out from within. In coming together we overlook faults, in coming together we shut off all the gossip, in coming together we put our own agenda to the side and seek the path to better another. Love is the ability to look beyond faults, love is the ability to stop negative talk and love definitely is the ability to focus on the greater good instead of our own current circumstance or situation… As we say every Sunday, “How can I say, I love the Lord whom I never ever seen before and forget to say I love the one, whom I walk beside each and everyday…” Unity is the key to growth in our Christian walk. We are one body in Christ, composed of many members, but still one body. All must be together in ONE accord. God will not stand to have bickering in the church with everybody trying to fulfill there on agenda.
We must touch and agree, AND THEN it shall be done by our Father in Heaven. The key to this passage is that we must come to a point in our lives where we understand that we all have a different gift and together we comprise the body of Christ. As the Bible tells us, we cannot see without the eye, we cannot hear without the ear, we cannot walk without the feet. Let us understand today, that we all are unique in our own way: we aren’t all feet, we aren’t all legs, we aren’t all arms, but together we form one body in Christ.  The key is that we must be ourselves together. When we seek the nature of “togetherhood” we stop focusing on what we want and Christ acts on our accord when we ask. I remember when I would argue with my brothers and sisters about toys or the TV, my father would not choose a side, but instead tell us to put the toy down or cut the TV off. In other words, all of us lost out on being happy and sharing. The same works for confusion in the church: we are missing out on blessings if we can’t unite and fight this war against principalities together. Matthew records, “Again I say unto you…” This is not the first time we have been instructed to be a unified body, this is not the first time you have been told to lift up one another and stop tearing each other down. God has the capability to transform situations; He has the power to overturn even the grimmest of circumstances, but the key to unlocking this divine power lies in being one with your brothers and sisters in Christ.
The greatest demonstration of being in one accord is the Day of Pentecost. The book of Acts records that when the Holy Spirit was dispersed upon mankind it came upon a people that had all things in common, this gathering wasn’t about ego’s, it wasn’t about up-manship, but about aligning their spirits together with Christ being the center. It wasn’t until the unification of these people that the spirit of God was poured upon them. Understanding this passage opens our minds to realize how important fellowship is in the church, if we want God to move we must have more than just ourselves praying. If we want God to intervene, we must be surrounded with likeminded individuals. How can you touch and agree if you don’t have a church home? How can you touch and agree if you avoid church at all costs? How can you touch and agree when the person who you need to pray with is the one you are beating down or talking about? You may be in a place right now where you have been asking God for a sign, a miracle, or a helping hand. Matthew reminds us today that if we are not going to the Lord along with another we will end up praying in vain. Touching and agreeing means that you don’t try to hide things, you don’t try to put things in your closet, but you lay them before the Lord allowing Him to heal you and direct you. Today, look to your left, look to your right and examine the company you keep. More importantly, make sure that you have company with people who think and feel like you about our Lord and Savior. If you look to your left and look to your right and find people who are of this world and not just in it, you may have found the reason as to why you have not been able to advance in this Christian walk or why you feel as if Christ has not heard nor answered your prayers.
Touch and Agree, that’s the key! Be blessed!
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