Monday, November 19, 2018

Healing Rain Services by Courage Igene

At All Nations Church, Courage Igene often performs healing rain services during his sermons. He is a strong believer in the power of the practice. According to Igene, the impact and force of healing rain is proof of the power of faith and spirituality. His healing rain services are available for viewing on YouTube.

When Courage Igene founded All Nations Church, his goal was to touch as many believers as possible with the messages of the Lord. He has hosted a variety of sermons and services for the people of All Nations Church. In particular, many people have been drawn to his healing rain services. From an outside perspective, it can be difficult to understand what exactly these healing rain services are. The people of All Nations Church will tell you that the practice is an act of God -- proof and power that His love heals all.

Courage Igene Healing Rain

Courage is not the only believer to hown the power of healing rain services. The act is practiced by speakers and worshippers throughout the world. But what are healing rain services? How do they work and what exactly do they do? In simple terms, the practice heals. The primary goal of a healing rain service is to call on the love, power and compassion of Jesus Christ in order to heal believers who are struggling with emotional and/or physical pain in their lives. Healing rain services refresh believers in order to bring clarity and peace to their lives.

Courage Igene's healing rain services are best explained through demonstration. Three years ago, he performed one of these services on a young man whose mother approached him during a sermon. She explained to him that her young son had been experiencing chronic pain on the right side of his ribcage. Courage invited him to join him in front of the people of All Nations Church and asked him what was going on. He explained his pain to Courage. He could see in his eyes that the young man was defeated by this pain; he desperately wanted to be rid of the struggle that the pain was causing in his life. Igene placed his hand on his ribcage and, with the power and love of Jesus Christ within him, he commanded the pain to be removed out of his body. At this moment, the Lord’s love and protection overpowered the pain-causing evil. When he completed the healing rain service, the young man’s eyes lit up with shocking belief and amazement. As he moved and twisted his body, he stood there, amazed that the chronic pain was no longer within him! He immediately hugged his mother, who was also overcome with joy and faith.

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